Carbs, Sport Drinks and Exercise

Many people drink sports drinks before¬†or after exercising.¬† These¬†often contain a lot of carbohydrates¬†(Gatorade = 30 grams,¬†Powerade = 25 grams)¬†which are being shown is scientific studies to work against your¬†exercise efforts.¬† Here is an interesting paper¬†that reviews the¬†benefits of ketogenic¬†diet.¬† Its an interesting read with some great historical perspective. ¬† Here is the low down. […]

Carbs, Sport Drinks and Exercise

Avoid Bread in Your Low Carb Program

A low carbohydrate program is not entirely removing carbohydrates from the diet, simply reducing the amount.  Breads are a high source of carbohydrates, and given that their main ingredient is wheat, (which is considered by the public to be a healthy grain) why should bread be considered unhealthy?  Sadly, bread today is not the same

Avoid Bread in Your Low Carb Program

America, The Snacking Nation

A¬†recently published study from the University of North Carolina looking at trends in snacking behavior probably won’t surprise you: Almost all adults (97%)¬†now report snacking at least once a day (up from 71% in the 70s) Adults are snacking more frequently per day.¬† Our snacks contain higher amounts of salt and carbohydrates (dessert foods, salty

America, The Snacking Nation

Root Vegetables: How Do They Rate?

All vegetables are carbohydrates, but you’d be amazed to hear how much lower they are in carbohydrates than grain products.  Root vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins, but some rank better than others in terms of calories, fiber and carbohydrate content. Turnip: 1 cup   46 calories     8g carb      2g fiber   5g sugar     1g protein *high in vitamin C,

Root Vegetables: How Do They Rate?

Calories in Thanksgiving Meal

The holidays are meant for family and friends to be together.  For people trying to lose weight, a worry of the holidays is the Thanksgiving meal.  I’ve outlined the calories of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Keep in mind, this breakdown does not include going up for second servings. Thanksgiving Meal: Food                                  Amt     Cal     Fat    Carb   Sugar    Protein Turkey breast                             6

Calories in Thanksgiving Meal

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