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  • A No-Cook Type of Protein? Cottage Cheese

    Dairy is commonly forgotten for its protein content.  All dairy has some form of protein, and some are higher than…

  • I'm Healthy, Why Should I Lose the Weight?

    This argument is brought up more often than people realize.  If you feel you are at a healthy point in…

  • Myth or Fact: Drinking Water Helps You To Lose Weight

    There are many myths surrounding weight loss.  It’s difficult to tell if the bits of advice about weight loss are…

  • What is an Easy Way to Eat Protein?

    Many readers are not sure how to increase protein in their diet. As mentioned in previous posts, a diet with…

  • Calories in Thanksgiving Meal

    The holidays are meant for family and friends to be together.  For people trying to lose weight, a worry of the holidays is…

  • Carbohydrates Increase Your Hunger

    As our modern carbohydrate supply becomes more processed, our bodies are experiencing more rapid absorption and intense spikes of sugar…

  • Tums, The Weight Loss Wonder Pill

    Many of my patients complain of a grumbling or a sense of hunger in the mid-afternoon (sometimes after dinner or…

  • How Tortilla Chips Make Us Fat

    The caloric density of foods that we’re exposed to has also changed dramatically in the last few decades.  The more…

  • Weight Loss Surgery Reduces Diabetes-related Death Rate

    Weight loss (bariatric) surgery has been shown to reduce diabetes-related mortality by 88%. A study published in the New England…


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