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  • Weight Loss in Men Reverses Testosterone Deficiency

    Low testosterone levels and symptoms of male sexual dysfunction due to obesity may be reversible with weight loss after bariatric…

  • What Dr. N Eats…..

    Had a nice lunch yesterday….. A small butcher block covered with a variety of italian meats, some chunks of delicious…

  • William Banting – Father of the Low Carbohydrate Diet

    William Banting was a carpenter and undertaker who first championed the idea that a diet low in carbohydrates had health…

  • Nice Program from BBC on the History of Low Carb

    I recently found this program that aired on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) 2 years ago about the history of low carbohydrate…

  • Why Starting The Atkins Diet Causes You To Feel Tired

    Why Starting The Atkins Diet Causes You To Feel Tired Patients who go on the Atkins low carbohydrate diet often…

  • How to Start Your Low Carb Diet

    The approach taken on this blog is not the Adkin’s diet.  Completely eliminating carbohydrates is not the intention, but more…

  • Myth or Fact: Drinking Water Helps You To Lose Weight

    There are many myths surrounding weight loss.  It’s difficult to tell if the bits of advice about weight loss are…

  • Pavlov and Artificial Sweeteners

    One of the most well established concepts in psychology is that animals (including humans) learn about relationships among the events…

  • Get Out of the Carb Coma

    Hello readers, We apologize for the break in blog posts, but no matter how much of our own advice we…

  • Do You Think 'The Biggest Loser' Is Exploitative?

    I do! I’ve watched the show the ‘The Biggest Loser’ a few times and come away each time with the…


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